Lanson Place

133 Leighton Rd., Causeway Bay

Lanson Place in convenient Causeway Bay gets many things right. The check-in experience is done sitting down with a cup of tea, there’s a large guest-only lobby and lounge (which doubles as a breakfast lounge) and rooms are done in a kind of simple, classic luxury.

Some nice features include the ubiquitous free mobile phone in the room, in this case the “Handy,” which gives guests texts and calls to a long list of countries as well as internet and mail access. All rooms also feature a kitchenette, though strangely they did not include refrigerators in the en suite set-up.

You would think a hotel with extended-stay capabilities would offer a great business desk experience, but desk chairs at Lanson Place are more form than function and barely fit under the desk. But with an expansive first floor lobby and lounge, and a dedicated business center, there are plenty of other work space options in the hotel.

Former bank building

Is it a bank? Is it an office building? No, it's a hotel!

Be sure to take one of the hotel's address cards when you venture out, as taxi drivers don’t seem to know the hotel too well, and the hotel entrance itself can be difficult to spot.

Grand Luxe Room

Lanson Place makes it onto The List for really one big reason: value. Hong Kong has notoriously high room rates (the highest in Asia on average), so it’s refreshing to find an affordable luxury option with large (for Hong Kong) rooms. Yes, the styling is not really to our taste, but at these prices we can overlook it. Solid option on Hong Kong island.

Lobby lounge/library, the hotel's best feature

Plenty of room to relax or get some work done

Hotel entrance

Interior courtyard terrace

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