The London West Hollywood

1020 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood

We basically love the London for one big reason (and lots of little reasons): its rooftop pool and bar. LA has over 300 days of sunshine, and where better to enjoy that than ten floors up in a spacious and luxuriously appointed pool with cozy cabanas and a “British-style” cocktail bar that can keep the ice cold gin and tonics flowing?!

The London boasts some of the largest hotel rooms in LA (starting at 70sqm), but after about 45sqm, any hotel room will start feeling sparse and cavernous, and that’s exactly what you get with rooms at the London (actually, we should say "suites," as the hotel grandly calls them). We actually find them too large, and because of their size, there is not much natural light in most rooms.

This being Hollywood, rooms have all the tools necessary for glamour: a large vanity mirror table, full-length mirrors and professional-level hair dryers—and also large closets to hold those award ceremony gowns!

Lobby detail

The lovely rooftop pool space is adjacent to the hotel’s main event and wedding space, so there’s a good chance the whole floor will be booked one of the nights you stay.

Too big? (Standard suite at the London)

Service at the London is notoriously spotty, with discreet and outstanding customer service one minute, and aloof and pretentious service the next.

The London is very proud of its Gordon Ramsey-branded dining options

And finally, this is a celebrity stomping ground, so try not to gawk if you find yourself rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite.

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