The Marlton Hotel

5 W 8th St, New York, NY

The cozy 107-room Marlton Hotel in Manhattan’s West Village has luxury to match that of the Ritz in Paris, but an average room at the Marlton is probably about the size of a closet at the Paris Ritz, if that. But this is New York, and small is OK, especially if your hotel has a history and vibe—and this one certainly has both (Jack Kerouac is said to have penned several novels at the property in its former days).

The Marlton also has the added cachet that it is one of legendary hotelier Sean MacPherson's latest projects (MacPherson is also behind The Bowery, The Jane, The Maritime and, most recently, The Ludlow in Manhattan's Lower East Side).

With herringbone wood floors and fancy touches like crown moldings, wall sconces and marble bathrooms, the Marlton feels like a 5-star hotel—until you realize the room is only 12sqm. Surprisingly though, rooms don’t feel that small, and with a large space underneath the raised beds, suitcases are easily tucked away. But guests at the Marlton probably don't spend much time in their rooms anyway, judging by the constant throng of people in the hotel’s comfy and stylish lobby, which has an American mid-century meets Parisian boutique hotel feel.

The Marlton's Espresso bar (using Ferndell Coffee)

Cozy European feel

Perhaps the best thing about the Marlton (at least for now) is the value. The last time we checked, rates were still reasonable, though don't expect this to last for long. New York hotel prices are pretty insane, so with the Marlton you can get the atmosphere of the Nomad and the luxury of the Surrey, but for considerably less.

Room for a bed and not much else

Marlton Bar (view towards the Margaux)

The folks behind the Marlton Hotel like a good story, and that’s what you get with the lobby’s coffee bar, Ferndell, an 1862 Chicago brand revitalized by an LA-based coffee guru. It’s not the best coffee in NY, but it’s better than that served in most hotels! Besides, you have a West Village outpost of Stumptown Coffee a few blocks away.

The hotel restaurant, Margaux, fuses French, Mediterranean and California cuisines, and is worth a visit even if you are not staying at the hotel.

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