Hidden Hotel

28 Rue de l'Arc de Triomphe, 75017 Paris

As the name suggests, Hidden hotel is actually quite tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Paris, despite being an easy walk to Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe.

Stepping into Hidden Hotel is like entering the house of your artsy, design-obsessed friends that you love to visit. The hotel’s motto is “Love and respect for noble materials and handmade craftsmanship,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find throughout the hotel: gorgeous wood floors, paneling and furniture, rare stone basins and bathtubs and a stunning ash table that forms (literally) the centrepiece of the breakfast room.

Rooms are classed in eclectic categories, like “Intuition”, “Emotion” and “Sensation,” but all feature lovely wood floors, gossamer-thin drapes and “Coca-mat” beds, which apparently are made from real coconut fibres—and are super comfy. The rooms are all about textures and materials, and you can tell that no expense or consideration was spared in the design and construction of this hotel.

Hotel exterior

Lovely materials throughout the hotel

As a throwback to the Belle Epoque paris days, the hotel features a lovely smoking room for “cigar amateurs,” replete with leather upholstered chairs and lots of steel and wood accents. If you can bare with the smell for the rest of the evening or day, try one of their Cuban specials and a glass of rum or whisky from their lengthy selection.

No boring bathtubs at Hidden!

This is not a business hotel, so don’t expect super fast WiFi or lots of area for you to set-up a mobile office. Rather, HIdden provides an intimate environment in which to learn about Paris, mingle with like-minded travelers and relax your senses.

Rich materials create a Zen-like tranquility

The breakfast, at €17, seems expensive, but you’ll find the same obsession to detail and quality with the food offering as you do in the craftsmanship and materials of the hotel— so we think it’s worth the price.

Rooms come in all shapes and configurations

Breakfast room

Casual dining elegance

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