Le Thoumieux

79 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

Visitors to the well-established Thoumieux Brasserie typically don’t realize there is a 15-room hotel upstairs, but word is spreading. Designed by India Mahdavi, rooms at Hotel Thoumieux are loud, colourful and boisterous, but it somehow works. You come to like the signature faux-leopard print throw adorning every bed in the hotel.

Staying at Thoumieux is like staying at your electric and artistic French friend’s Paris apartment, but your can get room service and Aesop amenities in the bathroom— and use of in-room state-of-the-art Illy espresso makers! Rooms at Thoumieux can be as small as 10sqm, but with smaller prices to match.

Hotel Thoumieux is located on the lovely Rue Saint-Dominique in the heart of the 7th arrondissement, which is better known as home to the Eiffel Tower. But this area is so much more, with tons of little cafes, cute local shops and a more relaxed atmosphere. Local Parisians love this area, and are happy that most tourists flock over to St. Germain des Pres.

Thoumieux Brasserie has a bit of a reputation for “Paris-style” service, so brace yourself for a bit of attitude and inattentive service, but it’s all part of Paris’ charm (like mean taxi drivers and bland rotisserie chicken).

And lastly, be prepared to lug your suitcases up to the hotel’s 2F lobby and reception. There is no elevator.

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