Hotel de Nell

9 Rue du Conservatoire, 75009, Paris

Stylish and modern 33-room boutique hotel that feels more Japanese or Scandinavian than Parisian. Perfect for travelers wanting a stiff antidote to the typical musty old Parisian boutique hotel with creaky furniture or over-the-top design.

Hotel De Nell was designed by respected French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who must have some Japanese and/or Dutch in him, judging by the stark and clean minimalism of the hotel’s design and its custom furniture. The restaurant, by yet another “acclaimed” French chef, Bruno Doucet, features relatively unpretentious “haute cuisine at bistro prices.” Expect fresh, seasonal vegetables, homemade terrines and a capacious wine list.

Bistro-style haute cuisine

Heavenly terrine and freshly baked bread

Guest lounge and library

Simple but stylish rooms

No need to leave the hotel for exquisite food

An eye for detail

Cozy nook

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